Spending years writing and performing as a child, Long Beach native Naomi Cheyanne was recognized for her talents early on. Immersing herself in RnB and Pop genres, Cheyanne’s distinct vocal melodies and intuitive lyricism was easily admired by listeners. Fueling her passion for writing and recording, Cheyanne started an independent music production company known as Smug Sounds in 2020 helping thousands of independent artists through songwriting, music production, marketing and playlist curating.
In 2021, Naomi released her first EP “In My Home” with her executive producer/engineer, Daniel Robert from Home Music Group. Within the first year of Cheyanne’s career, her music was recognized by blogs and brands such as Earmilk, RnB Only, LA Note Magazine and Roland Lifestyle. In 2022, Naomi was approached by Starlight PR to host a podcast. She went on to create “Beyond The Bounce”, which shines light on the struggles and achievements of Women in music. This emerging artist has no limits when it comes to using her talents to create impactful music and uplift others.
- Over 200k Combined Streams
- Founder of Smug Sounds Music Production Co.
- Host of "Beyond The Bounce" Podcast
- Featured in Roland Lifestyle, Earmilk, R&B Only, Lowkey RnB, Vampr, Bong Minesent, Lefuturewave & more.

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